On the 9th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Prosperity is yours for the taking yet you don’t really believe it. It’s way easier to focus on these difficult times. Yes, you lost your job. Maybe you know it’s coming. Or you’re too scared to quit and face the unknown, even though you hate each work day. How do you possibly find prosperity? It’s really simple when your prosperity is not at odds with your purpose. Your prosperity is your purpose. So you prosper by landing a new, more challenging and far more fabulous livelihood. You have to take care of others. You prosper so that others may prosper. Everything you touch has a way of becoming bigger and better than before. Something way bigger than you, that’s for sure. Your exceptional drive does make a difference. You have confidence in yourself and what is outside and beyond you. Your realm of influence expands as you move about your world with ease. Those around you also prosper beautifully in your wake. They mirror you and your effortless presence. You’re an inspiration to your boss, your kids and all the people who depend on you. It’s all good. Prosper.