On the 2nd Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


T’was the day after Christmas and all the gift giving is done. Now it’s time to think of giving in a new way that’s way more fun. Giving can be oh so much more like a gesture, a look – even the small things we all really yearn for in a big way. What if you gave someone one of these intangible gifts that will be remembered, appreciated or possibly cherished forever? These gifts can be easy (a smile), totally complicated (forgiveness) and life changing, too (love). It doesn’t stop here. Think about a letter of gratitude or the gift of time. Try something right now by giving one of these gifts to yourself. Give yourself a smile. Take it even further in other situations. When you almost give up, what if you gave yourself courage? At that moment when you hesitate? Or what if you gave the gift of knowing you have enough. Just enough. That’s, right. Your “enough” is of extraordinary value to the world. Whoa, what could you do differently if that were true? Who would you be? Okay. Now you’re talking. Give it up for you.