On the 7th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


2011 is so very close. Do you taste it? Soon you’ll ring in a brand spanking New Year. You’ll be celebrating your fresh start. Celebrate your new possibilities. Celebrate that this year will be different for you. As you set your new year’s intentions, be more accountable to yourself. Sure, you might be uncomfortable at first making steady progress. Hang in there and be patient. Give yourself a pat on the back for each and every victory you achieve. Celebrate the little ones and the big ones. And don’t forget to give yourself grace when you blow it, which let’s face it, is just part of living. Celebrate being kind to yourself. Celebrate picking yourself up quickly when you say the one thing you wish you could rewind. The rest is easy. Celebrate deliberately savoring each moment, each sensation and each feeling. With all that unfolds, this year will be the best ever. You’ll want to remember it all. Oh, yeah, I can see the finish line, too. Now let’s go celebrate and raise a toast to the best that is yet to come.