On the 6th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Your new year is only a few days away. This is the moment to think about your new year’s resolutions in a brand new way…to finally declare your hopes and dreams for the coming year. This is the perfect time to focus on how you will live your hope. Hope is to desire. Hope is to dream. Hope can shift effortlessly into action if and when you declare it boldly and shamelessly. Declare it to yourself first in the quiet moments when you have time to think clearly. Then as you gain confidence and courage, declare it bravely and boldly to others — even if you’re not absolutely sure. Of course, you’re right. You know hope doesn’t pay the bills. But you know you’re prepared. You don’t have a fantasy. You have ideas and plans. You declare your hopes and dare others to hope, too. Your hope is infectious. Others catch it easily. Your authenticity comes across because you are awash in optimism and expectation. That’s the way to hope. And your hope is backed up with hard work and effort. Let’s face it; you can’t hide under the radar anymore. There’s only one choice now. Move forward and boldly be hopeful.