On the 10th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Count all the blessings you have. Think of all the wealth you possess. Seriously. Now breathe. I know all that abundance is way too much to absorb. The flood of riches in your life is kind of ridiculous when you stop to consider. Maybe that’s why you try not to notice. You’re a little embarrassed to think about how much abundance exists in your world. Or to show those around you that your abundance is way more than what you want or certainly need. So now what? You’re the living, breathing, walking and talking expression of abundance. Go ahead and appreciate all that you are — and all the abundance that providence gave you. Share it. Build upon it. Pass on your ideas. Make a difference by creating the most incredible contributions. Help the kids in your community…the homeless and others in need… and that pro bono client you care about so much. The world is so fortunate that your abundance flows. It’s the expression of your higher self…your purpose. Offer it around even more for you and the rest of us.