On the 3rd Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Joy can be so simple. Think about when you experience the deep, yet unadorned joy of simply being? Being fully alive…fully present…enjoying nothing. That’s where joy is. Joy is right here. Stop. Listen to the joy of right now. You are safe. You are sound. You are grateful. And your over the top joy is your birthright. This year you’ll just emanate joy. Effortlessly. You love travel — so you’ll schedule the big trip you want to take. Pack your bags. Or you live for team sports. Find out when the big game takes place and get tickets. Maybe even the team jersey (oh, go for it). Or you live for music. Look for an amazing concert you’ve always wanted to attend live. Go hear the show. See? Your joy is yours. Wear it proud. Wear it for fun. Be bold…way bolder than last year. Next time you catch the scent of potential joy – follow your instincts. Even when others are just a little hesitant around you, maintain your unbridled, exuberant joyousness. Ride joy like a wild horse. Hold on for dear life. Joy is all around you.