On the 12th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Be happy right now. Not later. Don’t be “happy if only.” It’s stupid to wait. and to save happiness for when everything is set. What exactly would you be waiting for? For those last ten pounds? The big gig you’re wishing comes next? Moving to where you really want to live? The partner you so dearly want? Will everything ever be perfect, just exactly as you want? Or is everything actually perfect right now. Uh – news flash. Yes it is. Love what is: your body… your work…your relationships. Right now. Be happy for the incredible experiences you have woven together to make the life that is right now. The delicious project you just completed. The freedom from the stress of not knowing. The volunteer gig you do. Be happy to generously help your colleague. You’re the happiest when you’re telling people close to you that you are happy for them. Happy with them. Happiness frees you to giggle more… to dare to laugh more often with abandon… to move around with a Cheshire cat grin.  It’s ridiculously contagious.  Share your happiness.