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It’s Christmas. Whether you celebrate this holiday or enjoy another beautiful tradition, there’s no better time for us to envision a dove to help us conjure up peace together today.

Let her quietly show us the way toward universal goodwill.

Her benevolence need not be rare.

Each of us plays an important role in fostering peace.

Every one of us can carry an olive branch to another.

The best way to start in this moment?

Begin with peace within yourself.

Find your place of calmness.

Silence the uproar whenever you possibly can.

Offer yourself a gift of stillness that brings serenity to light.

Be still and smile, regardless of what surrounds you.

Capture that extraordinary feeling when you’re in perfect harmony with whatever just is.

Cultivate the seeds for peace of mind. That’s a decision that serves you so well (and by extension all you are connected with).

Your calmness is spellbinding, like a flock of doves spreading out into the wintery sky reminding us all to be more at peace, with ourselves—and with each other.

Be a messenger of your peace. Live it. Spread it. Help it grow.

What an exceptional gift for today and the new year ahead!