In Team Performance

Possibilities are endless, kind of like infinity. That’s probably why I adore possibility so much.

You can just keep imagining and imagining what could be. This is so powerful (especially when used according to the directions). If you focus on possibility, you’re aiming for what could be. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to assess what could go wrong, or as many of us do, what will go wrong anyway.

For now, focus on the good … the dream … the best possible outcome. And then decide how to get there and what you need to achieve your loftiest goals. Real will show up just as it should anyway. And you’ll be there, guiding and moving to the finish line you knew was possible. With some variations showing along the way that you never even imagined. Yeah, both kinds, the sweet and lucky things, and the freaking hazards you never even considered.

That’s what you’re there for.

Spend more time in the possible. Savor the promise that’s there.