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Have you ever believed something so much that you didn’t realize it was totally not true?

It’s amazing how quickly you can start believing the false stories you frequently tell yourself.  I told myself all kinds of stories for many years that held me back. But along the way, I managed to sort through all those negative thoughts that prevented me from sharing my gifts.

It’s more than a little humbling that I had to learn for myself the very leadership lessons I teach others through my special method that I call Leading with Y.E.S®.

The process was worth it. I am excited to tell you that I just completed a personal milestone. I (finally!) published my first book. And I realize now I’m far more capable than I ever thought before.

My own experience was life changing. I learned so much from it. I want to share some of my “Aha!” moments with you.

Here are the “fake” stories I believed:
I’m not a talented writer. I worked at a publishing company for over a decade in a previous life. They had amazing writers. I certainly was not one of them. They studied writing, they were highly skilled, and they were oh, so imaginative. Nah, not me.
I need to write a book that everyone will want to read. What I wanted to write was too far out there. So I’d write a book that was safe. You know, vanilla. As you might imagine, since I am anything but vanilla, that didn’t work real well.
I am never ever going to actually finish my book. When I had been writing for about six years without actually completing anything, I decided it was taking me way too long. So I would just take the loss, admit defeat, and move on.

Here’s what happened next… 
I wrote. Over time, a ritual of writing every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. took shape and a habit was born. Magically, week after week and month after month, I somehow became a proficient writer. Because I was actually writing with purpose.
I discovered my voice. I wrote my truth. Honestly? I felt naked, raw, and vulnerable. And often pretty foolish. And still, once in a while, the muse visited, and there was flow.
I persisted and finished. I found a coach (imagine that) who said, “what do you mean you’re not going to finish your book because it is taking too long. Plenty of people have taken way longer than this to write a book.” Not all at once, but chapter by chapter, the book became complete. Something in me did, too.

Here’s my new extraordinary story that emerged:
I am a writer. There, I said it. I am a writer at my core. Truth is, at the very center of my being, I absolutely, positively love words. I am passionate about inspiring people through language, generating beautiful possibilities, and creating extraordinary leadership stories for the sake of bringing a little more light into this world.

I am so proud of the way my book has taken shape. It demonstrates that anyone can be a more positive and successful leader in all aspects of their lives.

I can’t wait for you to read it. Once you start the book, you’ll learn step by step how to ditch your old stories to create your new story filled with the positive results you really want.

I wish you much success. Please share your story with me soon!


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