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Consider this my invitation to tap into the dynamic energy of synergy. Just the sound of synergy evokes an image of a bouncing coil ready to spring with delight toward what might be next.

Synergy has the audacity to blow up simple math. Who does that? Everyone knows 1 + 1 = 2. And yet its evidence is clear. With collaboration more results do occur. How can that possibly be?

Wait, you + me = more than the just what the two of us can do alone? Is this alchemy?

Don’t know why, really, but collaboration repeatedly generates proof that more is manifested together.

We witness it when we hear these kinds of comments:

  • She is such an inspiration to her team
  • He gets them to dig deep when they’re running on fumes
  • They work flawlessly together
  • They emerged from that tragedy with fierceness and clarity
  • They pulled off a stunning victory
  • They’re having a ton of fun in the process
  • It somehow went out on time against all odds

How can you encourage synergy, nurture it, and reward it?

  • Create opportunities for people to get to know each other (hint, invite someone else to do this, if it isn’t your thing).
  • Expect teams to succeed and celebrate when they do (this is the one time “I told you so” works beautifully”).
  • Celebrate failures too and mine their lessons (by asking what did we do best and how can we do better).

Synergy is the fuel worthy of your investment. Watch it drive positive actions so you and your teams achieve the accomplishments you all deserve.