The Gift of Peace

 In Team Performance

Peace is such a beautiful word. Just the thought of it at this time of year conjures up magical moments around a season of joy and harmony. As we hear the glorious refrains about peace on earth, it inspires us to pause and breathe while renewing our hope about humankind.

As you celebrate this season of love and good will to all, you may get so caught up in the festive spirit that you forget to think about your own individual peace. Know it can always be found within you.

You see, peace is a simple, powerful choice. Peace inside is something you can freely choose — especially in the middle of all this holiday hustle-bustle when we often take on far too much and perhaps needlessly stress ourselves out.

This peace within is something well worth aiming for. Because peace inside is not just individual. It’s not only for you. Internal peace is a gift to everyone around you — even when peace is the last thing you’re naturally wired for. Peace of mind is yours for the taking every moment of every day.

Strung together, moments make up your life. And each moment is a priceless opportunity. Choose a moment of peace when it serves you best. So that you can serve others best…in the midst of chaos…when you’re searching for an idea…when you’re stuck…when you’re mad…when you’re hurt…or when you’re scared. Tap into the moment of peace when you want to ensure the best result. And inspire the finest performances.

Finding that moment of peace, my friend, is my wish for you this holiday season. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin within each of us.