In Team Performance

Your soul flourishes when you bring your best self to all you love.

It shines when you are immersed in your passion.

And it prospers when you help others succeed.

You are the artist of your own soul.

There’s a magnificence about you.

Each stroke you paint is with a heartfelt desire to help.

In fact, you begin each day with that yearning literally burning inside you.

So you show up (whether you feel like it or not).

You do what you love (and also what you must).

You finish what you start (even when it about kills you).

You show us what thriving really means.

You determine your own emotions (even when you’re triggered).

You choose who you’re with (yes, with other “thrivers”).

You create intentions and see your way clear to them.

You radiate ease and calm in good and bad times.

You flourish with success (I know, you don’t really think of it that way).

And the picture you paint is so full of light it feels as if an endless stream of abundance is possible.

Yes, you thrive, all right. Beam on.