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You remember you way back when…

You felt unsure, taking each step so timidly, sometimes unsteady, thinking you
didn’t know.

Yet you prepared and you practiced. And, you delivered the best you could.

You learned often in the moment or little by little (not even realizing it).

And once in a while (thank God) with a miraculous leap forward, you kept pressing on whether in victories or painful defeats.

You’ve honed your talents and skills and continued to learn every step of the way.

But your biggest strides came from learning who not to be.

Step back and reflect on who you have become now: capable, confident and utterly unashamed to show your humanity, too.

You quite literally transformed yourself from who you thought you were and who you thought you should be to the magnificence of your leadership on this day.

Let your light shine even more brightly during 2019. Pay forward all the valuable wisdom you’ve come to possess.