In Team Performance

Are you ready to be more generous, respectful, and forgiving?

Meet the uplifting you. It’s that place somewhere inside that quietly whispers, “Of course they are wrong, and I still love them because we’re both human after all.”

Ah, the most magnanimous you.

You demonstrate that you easily with children, family, and friends you’ve chosen to hold in that beautiful light.

Guess what? An encouraging move is always a possibility with your colleagues and others, not just with them.

What if you could access that honoring part of you even more?

Imagine elevating others when they appear lost beyond hope. You pull them up, even when it seems way too hard (and maybe even not worth your effort).

Practice throwing people a lifeline when they need it most. Try a simple smile or a small gesture of kindness.

As you do this more, it goes from awkward to easier to automatic.

You start hearing hints that people want some of that, too. Yes, they want your kindness. But they see you have so much ease. You always appear accepting, helpful, and thoughtful.

There’s a new peace about you. And it shines effortlessly for others to clearly see.

The more people you uplift, the more your supportive nature is contagious.

The brightness you radiate shows everyone the way.