What Are You Really Hungry for This Thanksgiving?

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November 26th will be upon us in a few days. If you’re like my family, you are busy getting ready to enjoy the traditions like the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie filling the house, visiting with family and friends and feasting on wonderful foods.

Year after year, I’ve watched my family sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy “filling up” on our abundant spread. They know exactly what dishes appeal to them and they dig in with enthusiasm. On the surface, that’s a picture of a happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful.

But I believe there’s something even more important in this holiday for all of us. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to pause, ask what we truly are hungry for in our individual lives and then to take action.

My Thanksgiving Invitation to You

On Thursday, I’d like to invite you to ask yourself this question: what are you really hungry for at this time in your life? Consider your own craving to fill any emptiness, or even a deeper yearning to have something different take shape.  Focus on a key component on your own leadership strategy.  It could be playing to your strengths, adding new skills to transition to the next level, comprehensive network planning,  taking better care of yourself to be more resilient under stress or even thinking about the legacy you want to leave.

Here’s a Great Role Model 


I am personally inspired by Steve Jobs and the way he has identified his hunger and fueled his life. He is an example of someone who has developed a unique leadership strategy and achieved what he envisioned.

It’s no wonder that Fortune magazine has recently named him CEO of the Decade. Yes, I said of the decade.

That’s an impressive honor but let’s look beyond the recognition.  What was Steve Jobs so hungry for that allowed him to achieve such great heights?

Yes, he is hard working. He’s brilliant. And he’s demanding —  of himself and others. He’s got a maniacal focus on details. And he’s also arrogant, merciless and often unpleasant. That’s hardly a recipe for success — on paper, at least.

No, it’s not his skills or his flaws. And it’s not for his love of money — he’s reported to have very few trappings of wealth. He’s famously successful because of his unwavering vision and his drive to achieve it.

Steve Jobs wants to do nothing less than change the world by empowering individuals with new possibilities.  He has used his personal quest to leave a meaningful legacy without being deterred by whatever obstacles show up along the way.

Oh, there have been plenty of obstacles. In 1985, he was ousted by Apple, the company he founded. His personal health has dealt him major setbacks, including pancreatic cancer in 2004, and a liver transplant in 2009. Remember too, like the rest of us, he’s been operating in a time of significant economic downturn.

Undaunted, and maybe even inspired by the philosophy that “there’s no time to waste,” he continually succeeds.

What’s the lesson Jobs has for the rest of us?

It’s the value of having an undying belief in a positive vision.  It’s the relentless pursuit of positive action — based on exactly who you are. It’s building momentum. That’s what adds up to positive results.

What are you so hungry for that you have that undying belief in what could be? What vision is at your core that compels you to continue to pursue action in spite of your perceived flaws or current situation? What is that lasting legacy you want to leave?

Think about how Steve Jobs’ hunger helped him stay focused to achieve.  Be inspired and let this be the food for thought you need to nourish you in new ways.

I encourage you to accept my invitation to identify what will truly satisfy your internal hunger to make a difference in your life. I want to hear from you and learn more about your Thanksgiving experience.Share your story by sending me an email.

Have a happy Thanksgiving filled with good food, good friends and good thoughts!