What Do You Really Want This Holiday Season?

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What Do You Really Want This Holiday Season?

Wow, it’s December already. This month has a way of turning into a series of commitments to go and do and give. It is so easy to get caught up in this gift giving season and lose sight of what truly matters.

I am the first to admit that being surprised with a special wish list item is wonderful. Yet our greatest gifts don’t come in packages with beautiful wrapping. The finest present you can give others is your presence.

Be fully present. Be there for someone who needs an encouraging word. Reach out to a colleague who could use your support. Be available for the people who challenge you most. And remember to give your time to those who need the greatest help.

Yes, if you’re present, you have to let go of everything else churning in your mind, silence your phone and set aside your own agenda.

Here’s how to get “present” focused:

  • Be in this moment
  • Listen closely
  • Offer your undivided attention
  • Give generously of your time

Show everyone the fullness of who you are. Do it often. Share it with as many as you can. Model your leadership presence to build connection, to inspire performance and to promote positive results.

This holiday, my wish for you is to develop your presence and let that be your lasting gift to yourself and others for the coming year.

To the real spirit of giving,

– Maria van Hekken