In Team Performance

Tell me now, what is it you truly long for?

You know that undeniable feeling you get, the one that yanks so hard on your hungry heart?

Meet your profound desire right there.

This is the place where there’s an instantaneous rush when you visualize what you truly want.

You’ve learned the sensation by heart (because it’s playing on repeat).

It’s just about impossible to ignore (though you do try) because this wish-ful you is ever so different than the more thought-full you.

Why not just go for it now?

It’s tempered first by fear: Can I?

Then by what you might have to give up: How could I?

Followed by even if I do go for it, I might just miserably fail: Then what?

So you delay again and again, and tell yourself to deal with it later.

But desire is pretty smart. She comes back to remind you not to live an unfufilled life.

Imagine this. It could be so cool if you go for it even if something completely different emerges (and trust me, it will).

Even if you risk falling short, you end up going places you never imagined, meeting people you’ll never forget—and more importantly, being the inspiration for someone else to take their chance, too.

Decide what matters most to you.

Then take the leap, regardless of the outcome.

You’ll never look back.