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Place your hands on your heart for a second.

Feel into that miracle that lies beneath your flesh and your bones.

Protected, safe and completely out of sight, it’s often forgotten. Still, instinctively, it beats (and beats, and beats).

The work of the heart is a fully integrated part of your life.

Everything you keep in your heart. It’s what makes you you.

In a way, you’re all heart.

That’s why heart is at the center of your leadership.

Think of the times when…

You deal with the heart of the matter.

You show heart.

You have a change of heart and do what’s right (not what’s easier).

You raise people up who lose heart.

You pour your heart out to someone.

When you shift from your head to your heart, you’ll find you face everything directly and clearly. I encourage you to take heart and honor it more.

Live your fullest, most expansive life with your heart wide, wide open. And experience the powerful, positive forces of human connection.