Power pervades every aspect of your life.   If you are like most people, you know power when you see it. But can you really define it?   Let’s go beyond the traditional ideas of force, fear [...]


Think about your presence as a step-by-step progression from…   To merely exist.   To be nearby.   To be seen.   To be invisible yet somehow still felt.


Listen closely in each moment of your day.   Pay attention to each and every person’s story.   Quietly, you’ll discover what really matters.


Place your hands on your heart for a second. Feel into that miracle that lies beneath your flesh and your bones. Protected, safe and completely out of sight, it’s often forgotten. Still, [...]

Bring Your ‘A’ Game Every Time

My friend, Jack, likes to play a round of golf every week with a group of colleagues. He says he enjoys the comradery and the spirit of competition. Yet as he approaches every game, he manages to [...]