Power Up Your Vision

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Vision has always been a subtle but critical element for effective leadership. In these tough times, I firmly believe that it’s even more essential.

My thinking on vision was reinforced last week while speaking at the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Annual Alumni meeting in Washington, DC. All presentations I attended, including my own, emphasized the importance of vision for existing leaders, emerging leaders and leaders in transition.

Why is vision so key?

Because having a VISION–a vivid, concrete image of what positive results you really want–is THE most important part of achieving desired results.


Well, if you start from a point of view of what is WRONG, you end up spending time and energy on just that.

Not a big deal, right? Everybody does it.

I think it IS a big deal. Because when you focus on what’s wrong, you accept it as truth. You feel it will always be that way. To do so is not just unproductive. It can be downright depressing.

If, on the other hand, you take time to consider what is POSSIBLE–and create a vision of what could be–you could borrow a line from our newly elected President’s successful political campaign and say:


Your thinking and energy can now be focused on HOW you can get CLOSER to your vision. Instead of how awful things are–you can start to believe in what CAN be.

Want to tap the power of your vision?

Take a minute and look five years into the future and ask yourself one simple question:

What is your vision of what your leadership could be?

Give it a moment. Get a clear picture in your mind of what kind of a leader you could be.

When you have that image in your mind, then ask yourself: what’s one thing you can do NOW to get closer to that vision?

Is it taking a course? Getting certified in a particular skill? Improving your communication skills? Venturing into a new specialty?

Finally, take one more minute to focus on the single thing you could do now to make you that better leader.

Commit to accomplishing one thing to get closer to your vision:

Make it easy to remember.

Tell someone else.

Write it down.

Read it each morning.

See what happens.

Being focused on your VISION is the most valuable step you can take now to improve your leadership. And you can use your vision to INSPIRE others. Take the time. It’s worth it.