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Think about your presence as a step-by-step progression from…

To merely exist.

To be nearby.

To be seen.

To be invisible yet somehow still felt.

To be fully aware.

To notice what isn’t.

To have a masterful air about you.

To dare to be remarkable, extraordinary, inspiring.

To appreciate copiously.

To express from the heart.

To show that you care.

To feel someone else’s joy (or pain).

To stay long past what’s necessary.

To be there no matter what.

Yes, your presence is felt.

It’s almost magical, actually.

Whatever it is you’re oozing — whether it’s your charm, your poise, your anger, or your fear, it is as palpable as a soft breeze or rip-roaring wind.

Be intentional with your presence.

Maybe it’s time to thoughtfully recalibrate the presence you convey.

Get going. Take the next step.