Reboot Your Mind for More POSITIVE Leadership

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A few years ago, following a Georgetown Leadership Coaching alumni conference led by Rick Tamlyn,author of The Bigger Game I was inspired to renew my practice of meditation.

Originally, I was introduced to meditation in college. Over the years, I dabbled with meditation as a way to manage stress. I would fit it into my day whenever it was convenient. Now thanks to that serendipitous moment with Rick Tamlyn, meditation has become an essential component of my life right along with exercise.

What made me get serious about adding meditation to my already full and busy life?

The simple act of “pausing” for a defined period of time each day brings a profound impact on my state of mind. It allows me to keep an open mind to the present and be a more effective leader.

It’s a way to pause the constant stream of thoughts long enough to gain clarity, and choose thoughts more consciously. It can lead to enormous peace — even under the most stressful of circumstances. Plus, with improved concentration and thoughtfulness, it can increase the passion I devote toward the results I really want.

The investment I make in meditation has allowed me to reap benefits far greater than I ever imagined.

Meditation is custom-made for leaders and executives.

University of Pennsylvania neuroscientists, Amishi Jha and Michael Baime, found that even for those brand new to meditation, the results were impressive. Participants in their research demonstrated enhanced performance, the ability to focus attention and improved ability to what Han and Baime described as… “keeping participants’ attention at the ready.”

In even as little as five to 30 minutes daily, these Penn researchers found meditation to improve attention and focus for those with heavy demands on their time.

So how are executives finding the time to add meditation into their already jam-packed lives? Rather than add an additional “to do” — they incorporate meditation into their normal routines.

I’ve written a short guide to answer this common question. It’s called Clearing Your Mind for Successful Leadership: 5 Minutes to Positive Meditation. It offers a simple, no-nonsense approach to get you started with your own meditation practice.

I’d love to share a copy with you. Request your copy today and I’ll also add you as a free subscriber to my Positive Visions e-letter.

Keeping an open mind, being more fully present – and “re-booting” your mind regularly through meditation – can have tangible benefits for your own sustainability and your relationships with those you serve as a leader.