In Finding Meaning, Happiness, Intention, Mindfulness, Presence

Listen closely in each moment of your day.

Pay attention to each and every person’s story.

Quietly, you’ll discover what really matters.

You’ll be able to feel what people reveal.

You’ll appreciate what is in their way and sense what they fear.

You’ll anticipate the want they can’t even imagine and begin to envision what’s necessary in the months (and years) ahead.

You’ll be able to define the gap between what is and what the future holds.

As a result, you craft your vision with your team (not for your team).

You listen more (and more and more).

An image begins to form that you tell everyone about.

Then your team starts to play with it, adding to the ever-evolving image with layer upon layer of paint, covering this up and illuminating that with all its resplendent color.

The central idea finally materializes. And it becomes a collective vision to move forward.

Everyone starts toward it like a route they crave to take because the road feels so familiar.

It’s inspiring when every person can fearlessly do their own thing. That’s the secret to making team energy multiply tenfold.

Everyone aspires to do great work and get to what could be. You’ve paved the way.

Now they’re actually doing it.

Keep it going passionately and outrageously.

And always together.